She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it).

- Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I watched Coraline last night with my mom, dad, and the dog. I really liked it, even if it was somewhat predictable. With Neil Gaiman, it seems to be something you just don't worry about. I think this is because his stories are like the old stories where you know what happens and that's part of it, but it never takes away from the story or the suspense. Like a fairy tale.

Two sermons in a week; more than I'm used to. One at the funeral of a friend and the other this morning. Different deliveries, but essentially the same message: unconditional love. Sarah and I agreed; it's a difficult thing.

Coraline had the same message - so perhaps it's three sermons this week.
Maybe the Lord's trying to tell me something.

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  1. I too like the familiarity of Gaiman's stories as well. I really want to see Coraline!

    This must be the week for messages. I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something as well...just wish I could figure it out.

    I want to read Once and Future King again!