She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it).

- Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some rambling thoughts

On this 6th day of August.

I really like this bed. I want Lainey's Ninja in residence to make it for me, but not until I have a house to put it in.

It's been a really interesting week. Lainey and I have started plans for a theater/theater company, which has really made me excited for the future.

But the point of the rambling thoughts is, of course, something better than a list of my week's activities. So.
Let's talk about books.


I want to re-read The Cider House Rules and the ranscella and Tain bo Cuailgne again. And I want to adapt those for the stage.

I also wonder why it is that so many villains have dark hair and green eyes....

And Propagators. I was thinking today about my brother and I remembered the plays he wrote in high school and college while he was studying computer science and playing Mr. Is in the computer lab. I have numerous copies of "The Historically (in)Accurate Titanic," which is a masterpiece, but I really wish I could find "A Rose for Miss Emily the Musical" which I so much enjoyed. Very catchy tunes and good lyrics as well. I've noticed a trend in my brother's writing - namely that he kills off all of the characters in the third act and then resurrects them for the fourth and fifth. In "Titanic" they all die of food poisoning. In "Miss Emily" there is an epic gun battle and only Orphan Annie survives. Deus ex machina in the form of Bill Gates in a boat made of money saves the Titanic and Leonardo di Caprio (who is himself in the play), but I don't remember how "Miss Emily" ends.

I mentioned propagators because I remembered the screen play Drew and his friends were working on his junior year (I think). It was called "Night of the Propagators" and was a vaguely Indiana Jones-ish concept based around the character of "Agamemnon Jones" who, due to tragic hubris, released the millenniums old curse of the "Propagators" (they are blow-up crocodiles like you put in your pool) and must destroy the Queen of the Propagators before the night is over, otherwise the world is doomed or some such, because she keeps, you guessed it, propagating propagators. I would have liked to have seen it in production - there was a lot of potential.

I think all those scripts we used to write, and the games we used to come up with, are what inspired me to do the Twilight Parody. They are a good way of releasing stress and getting a really good laugh out of my friends. Drew liked the Twilight Parody - he and Donna were the first persons to see it, last Christmas.

I'm reading Coraline right now. So far, it's good.

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  1. I like the new blog layout! Very pretty!

    I will keep poking my Ninja in Residence and keep reminding him about the bed.

    As for villains with dark hair and green eyes. I think it is because our society if very visual and needs those [stupid] visual cues. Look at any of the old westerns. Whose the bad guy? The one wearing the black hat.

    I'm glad you like Coraline, I need to re-read it some time. Haven't got to watch the movie quite yet, sometime next week methinks!